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Harbor and Waterfront Committee


  • Bill Bartley
  • Jack Dostie
  • Richard Moseley
  • Steve Rowe
  • Henry Schwartz
  • Paul Strandridge
  • Burr Taylor
  • Jim Hays, Harbormaster 
  • Alison Hawkes, Selectman
  • Ken Beebe, Associate
  • Robert Muller, Associate


Mission Statement for the Harbor and Waterfront Committee

The mission of Harbor and Waterfront Committee, which is established by Town ordinance, is to review and monitor marine activities within the Town of Harpswell. Specifically, the Committee shall recommend ordinances and management plans that help maintain safe and adequate access to the waterfront that balance the competing demands within the Town’s harbors and advise the Selectboard on ways to improve the management of the Town’s harbors and waterfront. In addition, the Committee shall act as an advisory Board to the Board of Selectmen on all matters pertaining to harbors, anchorages, as well as on existing and propose plans for future waterfront uses.

The Committee shall advise and monitor the activities of the Harbormaster and the management of Town Landings, harbors, anchorages and their facilities. The Committee, when requested by the Selectboard, shall serve as an appeals panel on matters pertaining to harbors, anchorages and the waterfront.

Approved by the Board of Selectmen July 2012 

Goals for 1012-2013
  • Management Plan for Pott’s Point Dock (High priority)

  • Develop maintenance plan for Town Landings
    Inventory each landing to identify (semi-) annual needs (porta potti, trash, erosion, wear and tear)
    Create schedule or plan for each landing or responsibilities of steward of that landing

Aquaculture: Determine if it is appropriate for Harpswell to have any ordinances considering aquaculture
See Aquaculture page
  • Research strategies for maximizing use of mooring space, particularly in Category 4 harbors.

  • Educational Outreach to schools
    Water related occupations
    Water Safety

  • Review HW Ordinance
    Review ordinance as a whole.
    Guest moorings
    Mooring without a boat on it
    Possibility of different rules for cat 4 harbors and other harbors
    Authority of HM to move moorings



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Last edited on 05/01/2012