The Flyer for Town Meeting (5)

Below is the flyer that was given out by the Committee to the Town Meeting


The Town of Harpswell’s Harbor and Waterfront Committee

The Committee will offer an amendment to article 49.

Art. 49 – To see what sum the Town will vote to raise and appropriate for Harbor Management.

(Previous Year $17,950)

$20,250 Recommended by Selectmen

$20,250 Recommended by Budget Advisory Committee


The amendment will ask the Town Meeting to approve an appropriation of $24,750 for Harbor Management.


This represents an increase of $4,500 which would be added to the current salary of the Harbormaster ($10,500), increasing it to $15,000. The committee expects this money would come from increasing resident mooring fees from $8.00 to $10.00 and a non-resident mooring from $40 to $50.

The committee believes this increase is necessary and important because there are several responsibilities which the harbormaster has not been able to complete. We are particularly concerned about the ability of the harbormaster

·             to oversee the more than 2400 moorings we have in Harpswell. This is more mooring than any other town in Maine.

·             to keep up with the abandoned and unregistered moorings in Harpswell

·             (with assistance from the committee) to reorganize Mackerel Cove so that there is adequate room for fishermen and other boater to have moorings.

·             To reorganize other problem areas, included but not limited to Garrison Cove, Water Cove, The Goslings and Quahog Bay