Fairwinds: Interesting Facts and excerpts

This page will contain information that appears relevant, interesting or curious. Or facts that do not seem to fit in with everything else. While I enter all facts in good faith, I cannot guarantee their veracity. Where possible, I will include the source or link.
  • Peter Micciche has become an expert on the history and people of Harpswell. This is what he said as quoted by the Press Herald on November 23, 2003.
    "This is not the first time there has been a (split) in the town, but in the past the town has always been able to work it out," said Micciche, who has been reading about the evolution of Bailey Island and the controversy that surrounded the construction of the Cribstone Bridge that connects it to Orr's Island. "It just goes to show that residents are very passionate about what happens in Harpswell. In the end, people have always shook hands and made up."

  • 50% of the people who work in Harpswell, work in a fishing related industry.

  • The note on the Parkwood Inn's (on Rte 24) welcoming sign read, "Fair winds and following seas." I wonder if they know how dangerous following seas can be.

  • There are 30 proposed LNG terminals or the U.S. in process today. About a half are in the Gulf Coast.
    Economically, the Northeast is the best site for new plants because of cheaper transatlantic shipping costs and the reduced need to transport gas to the region from production sites via pipelines from the Gulf Coast.
    Two plants have been proposed for Massachusetts and another two for the Canadian east coast.

  • Former Selectman George Swallow did not learn about the ING Terminal until September 18, 2003 - the same day as everyone else. If the Chairman of the Board of Selectmen did not know about the deal last March (2003), who did know??
    See comments 10/2 and FAQ question #2

  • I think I remember Selectmen Weil saying it was Fairwinds who wanted a speedy vote, even more speedy than December 16.
        According to the Anchor, it was the Selectmen who were in a hurry to have a vote to keep the "public on a tight string." Selectman Knight said he wanted to have the vote before organizations like Audubon could come in.