Maria Sophia Tufts

Dear Harpswell Community,
I am an original from Dyers Cove, Aftin Doughtys Daughter, and am petitioning for a Group Of Intenders, who support not the LNG.  Im associated with the SSOA, in Kona, Hawaii, and firmly believe that it is not in best interests of all life, those of the sea and land, that this project of LNG, should be established in Harpswell, Maine,  I have a sense that many fish in the sea will die in due time.
There is much we can do to bring to fruition the Dream in Our Hearts, and by Intending on a daily basis,  keeps the nonphysical and the physical forces that wish to harm, at bay, thereby providing a path in which no holes of gaps exist, fulfulling upon 
                                A UNIFIED VISION OF        "NO  LNG"
I submit to you two websites
1. ......
2. ......  Mr. Emoto from Japan, who has taken pictures of molecules of water
    before it was blessed and then after the water was blessed.  This is most
    remarkable study and something I have always worked with, in that I al
    ways tone the water that I drink, and infuse it with all 4 magnetic elements
    and the Language of Light Tones of Creation.  just pull up mr. emoto  &
    numerous sites will pop up.  I believe that we can heal any damage that has been done in Long Island Sound by extending blessings of Love as well to any area that needs restoration
 3....... If after viewing these sites and you are led to create a Blessings & Intentions Group,  please email me,   .
We Are A Living Torch
One Flame Are We
A One World Nations
A One World Unity 2x
Safe Inside The Sacred Heart
Of The Goddess/God
We are A Living Torch
One Sacred Family   2x
words & music by  Maria, Earth Mother & Magnetic Fire
Namaste unto All
Maria Sophia Tufts
830==660==1092   cell
May the Flame of Divine Union be Ignited in Our Hearts