Kevin White-6 Revenue Generation

Traditionally, there are two basic methods of achieving revenue:

1)      Revenue generation at any or all cost.

2)      Managed revenue generation.

The “at any or all cost” method ignores any adverse consequences as a sacrifice to generating revenue.. The approach is risky, and said risks are ultimately attempted because alternatives are not readily available. It is usually pursued under challenging and compromised conditions, and is employed historically as a last resort. Entities who utilize this approach can discover that the losses incurred have more than erased the gains. Fairwinds is risky by virtue of its large, multi-level impact. It is an example of a “revenue at any and all cost” option. It has the potential be Harpswell’s worst nightmare.

The “Managed Revenue” option, by contrast, is a meticulous and methodical approach. Carefully planned, the risk of loss is minimized because extreme measures with huge potential liabilities are discarded in favor of more conservative, assured gains that carry little to no risk of severe consequences.

There are alternatives to Fairwinds yet unexplored. Fairwinds causes harm real and potential. Fishing families, abutters, tourist-dependent businesses, and property owners along the Neck see immediate financial losses correlated to Fairwinds construction and its continued presence. The facility as a potential terrorist target, believed or dismissed, is no less real. The future changes to the town’s character are potentially dramatic. Fairwinds would represent an extreme measure by a town that really doesn’t need to entertain such risky ventures. Taxes in Harpswell are the lowest in Cumberland County, and Fairwinds might actually raise them, after a short period of relief, to levels MUCH higher than experienced today (look for evidence on this point to be forthcoming soon).

If affordability of taxes is the main concern, solving the shorefront property value issue for legacy homes is possible without Fairwind’s influence. It can be done. There is sudden interest, motivation and resolve from a heretofore-quiet section of the community. They will get very involved. 

There is no need to panic. Other positive solutions, ideas and uses can be obtained for the depot site; ones that aren’t so extreme; ones that everyone can agree on; ones where nobody has to lose. There is time. Have patience.