Cheryl Golek
Harpswell, Maine Resident


 Cheryl Golek, I would like to respond to Bob Ring' letter 10/26 he placed a quote of mine in his letter. he only quoted a piece of the paragraph here is the whole statement.

Fairwinds say their tankers are safe. One reason given is that they are double hulled. Well in Yemen, October 6th 2002, a French double hulled oil  tanker was rammed and pierced by a terrorist act, spilling approximately  90,000 barrels of oil and caused a massive fire. While it was an oil tanker  it was the same double hull design of a LNG tanker. This info came from Bob disagrees with this is a quote from his letter

"I know the Terrorist possibility scares many of you but consider that there has not been an act of piracy or terrorism on ships off the coast of  the USA since the war of 1812. If we look at this project and deny it  because of the possibility of terrorism then we have become a victim of  that terrorism.  The above quote is more likely to happen off of Yemen. Not  off the coast of the Harpswell."

Bob states, "it is more likely to happen off of Yemen. Not likely off  the coast of Harpswell." Peter Micciche say's the possibility of a terrorist attack in Harpswell is  slim. Bob can only say [not] likely, and Peter can only say slim, because it is not  impossible.

After September 11th how can anyone think that a terrorist threat  anywhere in the united states is impossible. I have attached the the letter in which  Bob quoted me from, it has several site in it check them out for  yourselves.

Feeling lost in my own home town. Since the first time I heard of the Fairwinds project I have been upset, and since then I have experienced all  kinds of emotions over it, from anger, to tears, to just down right  depression and frustration.

After reading the newspapers and the last edition of the Harpswell  anchor, and oh thank God for Harpswell public television and all the time Dave  Chipman and the other staff at channel 14 are putting in, because of all of  the information I know that I am not the only one in this town who is  struggling with the thought of Fairwinds moving in. There has been a lot  said about this project, but no where near as much has been said that  needs, and discussed.

While it is nice that the final vote date has been moved to Jan 20th, I don't see how all of the things that are not answered will be. Furthermore,  I don't see how our selectmen are expecting us to vote on this with out  those answers, it is just wrong that they are asking us to do this. If  Fairwinds isn't going to give this town enough time to get accurate answers  from somebody that they are not paying for, the selectmen should take the  proposal off the table and tell them to go home.

Well down to the point of what sparked this letter, it was the October  16th meeting, and then the insert in the special edition of the Harpswell  anchor. The thing that has got to me is at the October 16th meeting one of  the selectmen's response to a fishermen's statement that one LNG tanker was  equivalent to fifty five Hiroshima bombs, was that it was a bogus statement  and a scare tactic. I am not quoting word for word, but what got to me was  the fact that the selectmen made the comment that this was a scare tactic.

I have read the same thing. One LNG tanker is equivalent to  approximately 55 Hiroshima bombs, or the energy content of a single LNG tanker is  equivalent to seven tenths of a mega ton of TNT, and I am sure I probably  read it from the same website. Is it true I don't know. What I do know is  true, is that LNG is not as safe as our selectmen are telling us, or I  should say Fairwinds is telling them and us. Here are some facts that I  have read and places you can find this info.

1. Fairwinds has mentioned the 1944 Cleveland Disaster, I heard Peter  make a statement at the brown bag lunch meeting that it killed 128 people, but  that was then, and you know there was a time when we didn't know that seat  belts would save our lives either. This is not meant to be a word for word  quote. There is no comparison of the safety of LNG and us wearing a seat  belt. That is a bogus statement. So what hasn't been said about the 1944  accident is this LNG holding tanks failed and released their contents into  the streets and sewers and their vaporous cloud ignited and a fire engulfed  covering approximately one square mile of Cleveland Ohio. It destroyed 79  homes, two factories, 217 cars, 7 trailers, it left 680 people homeless,  injured 225 people, and yes, it did kill 128 people. Yes, I am sure things  have been made safer since then but if there ever was a leak and it caused  a vaporous cloud that size imagine the damage that would be done. This info  came from There are pictures at this site of  this disaster.

2.Greeley tribune published on March 25th and 26th 2003. It may be  months before investigators find the cause of an explosion and fire that lit up  the sky north of Greeley Colorado a 24in pipeline exploded and left a  crater a 1,000 feet long, 50 feet wide and 20 feet deep, and created a 500  foot tower of flames. A 35-foot-long section of the pipe was blown out of  the hole and then split length. This came from  Pictures of the damage can be seen here. 3. August 19th, near Carlsbad, New Mexico. A Saturday morning pipeline  explosion of a 30 in pipe was visible for 20 miles north of Carlsbad, NM.  As a result of the fire seven adults, three children, and two infants were  fatally injured. It destroyed three pick up trucks and miscellaneous  camping equipment. Burning fuel rained down on the victims. This can be  seen at (dead link or  you can link to it from for a full report. You  can get a copy of this report, along with many more pipeline accidents at

4. Fairwinds say their tankers are safe. One reason given is that they  are double hulled. Well in Yemen, October 6th 2002, a French double hulled oil  tanker was rammed and pierced by a terrorist act, spilling approximately  90,000 barrels of oil and caused a massive fire. While it was an oil tanker  it was the same double hull design of a LNG tanker. This info came from and

5. Fairwinds' pretty pictures, only tell quarter truths. Their pictures  are misleading, for example, the insert from Fairwinds in the special edition  of the Harpswell Anchor 3rd page, it shows a picture under the title "THE  TOWN WILL CHOSE HOW TO REPLACE THE LAND USED BY THE PROJECT". This is  deceiving as the square on the map of Harpswell that shows my land, as well  as my neighbors. The beautiful picture of the waterfront shows a dock with  a dingy on it, that dock belongs to the Vicarage By The Sea and my family.  This is just a one example of how their flyer's don't tell the truth. Their  flier's and their focus meeting that pay individuals $75.00 apiece for  their time are just designed to sell.

I explained the problem with the pictures in Fairwinds flier to Peter Micchice, and left him a phone message asking him to correct this so that  it showed the accurate piece of land. He asked if their was any thing else  I didn't like about the project that he could help me with. I said no. He  said, "Then I just guess your going to be unhappy with us.".

It will hurt a lot of fishermen's livelihoods. The security zones of  the tankers will keep them from their regular fishing the tankers will destroy  their gear, and yeah the town says there will be a fund to pay for it.  While I am not a fishermen, and I can not imagine having to go to work  every 4 days to find my gear gone, and by the time I get my new gear set up  the tankers will be back to take it out again.

Think of all of the lives this project will change forever, think of  what it will do to our town, and, God forbid, a failure in the pipe line, or at  their plant ,or the possibility of a tanker explosion. Where are we going  to go if by chance something does happen? All of us who live south of the  plant - where are we going to go? Not to mention the fact that there are  schools are south of the plant.

Yes, Peter Micchice say's the possibility of a terrorist attack in Harpswell is slim. He can only say slim because it is not impossible. There  is a chance that it could happen. Our lives, our family's lives, and the  fishermen's jobs and livelihoods - the preservation of our town as we know  it, are worth more then Fairwinds could ever pay. There is no tax decrease  in the world worth the possibility of the disaster that could happen. We  shouldn't have to be the "sacrificial lambs" just so Fairwinds and our town  can make a buck!


These facts, that I left here are only a few. They are not scare  tactics, they are simply meant to say there is more out there that we are not being  told. Look them up for your self.


Fairwinds says LNG is safe. Well, the history of LNG says it is not. As  for the selectmen making the statement "scare tactics" - well my comment to  that is that we should all be scared of the fact that nobody is telling us  the whole truth, and the only facts that we are getting are those being  given by Fairwinds.


The selectmen at a recent meeting stated that we should not just assume that they are going to vote for this project. Well if you don't want people  to assume you are 100 percent for the Fairwinds project then stop selling  it to us. Get us all of the information we need and demand enough time for  all of the studies to be done that need to be done, and have them done by  somebody Fairwinds is not paying.


It is just irresponsible for our towns selectmen to ask us to vote on  such an enormous issue the will change our town and our lives, and will destroy  so many livelihoods with out all of the facts.

Well, I will end my letter here by saying, to the people of Harpswell, please do your own research. Don't just believe what Fairwinds is telling  you. Don't just believe what I have written here. Look at the sites that I  have left in this letter and see for your self. Please get all of the  information for yourselves that you can possible get before you are asked  to vote on January 20th, because it does not look like our selectmen or  Fairwinds is going to give it to us, or give us enough time to have the  studies done.

Listen to your neighbors and how it will affect their lives. Listen to  the fishermen who's livelihoods will be destroyed and support them - I have no  doubt that they would support you. Research the truth of the dangers of LNG  - it is not as safe as they claim.

If by chance you are unable to access these news articles which I have listed here e-mail  your mailing address to and I  will be happy to  mail them to you.

 Cheryl Golek Harpswell, Maine Resident