Available Minutes of the Fuel Depot Committee

The following minutes were obtained from the Town Office and were scanned. They contain typos that were not in the original. The official versions are available in the Town Office.

May 6, 2002

Fuel Depot Committee

May 6, 2002

The meeting of the Fuel Depot Committee evened at 7:00 p. m. on Monday, May 6, 2002 in the Town Office Budding

Members present: Roberta Weil, Don Miskill, Nancy Andersen, Lee Overall, Walter Norton, Rob Williams and John Lloyd. Also in attendance was Selectman Jim Knight.

The first order of business was the election of officers. Upon a motion, duly made, seconded and voted unanimously was Roberta Weil as Chair. A motion was made to elect Toby john as Secretary. It was seconded and voted unanimously.

A motion was made to accept the Minutes of the Meeting of April 1, 2002. It was seconded and voted unanimously,

Old Busiutess: Status of Projects:

New-keyed alike locks have bow order from Rogers True Value in Bath. Roofing for Guard Shack Emery Sawyer will do the job. Picnic Tables: Waiting to hear from Maine Vocational Region X

Vandalism on the property was addressed_ The two houses have been secured.

Moving soil around the culvert area: Ron Ponziani will give estimates for cleaning up around the culverts and removing rocks.

Tom Lawless from GZA will be taking samples from the monitoring wells on May 9, 2002. Wilkes Harper from Maine DEP will also be there.

Walking trails - signage will be posted on the fence side of the perimeter road.

Portable toilets will be delivered on May 15, 2002 and will be placed next to the Guard Shack.

Picnic tables should be handicapped accessible_ Maybe also have some log seats mane and placed strategically.

Pet exercise area: Should there be one? Don Miskill has offered to donate fencing. New Business:

Proposals for use of the property.

Tyco Telecommunications is looking for a place to dock two (2) cable ships, which are each approximately 550 feet long. A representative frorn Tyco contacted Roberta U61. It was suggested that further discussions would involve explaining the Town process, in such matters.

It was suggested that an economic impact study be performed to examine the effect of a *or industry on the quality of fife in Harpswell.

Houses' Mary Hunt from the Navy Environmental office is the contact person for the final environmental inspection by the Navy. The larger of the two houses is in actuality a log cabin which has been covered over by asbestos siding. The houses should be turned over in about two (2) months.

Electric. Favreau Electric is willing to get onto the property within the next few wee s to make sure we comply with CMP regulations.

Letter to Dick Wyer. A letter should be written to Dick Wyer asking him to remove his personal belongings and tools from the property.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy S. Andersen

October 7, 2002

Town of Harpswell
Minutes of the Meeting of the
Fuel Depot Committee

October 7, 2002

The meeting of the Fuel Depot Committee convened at 7:20 PM on October 7, 2002 in the Town Office Building.

Members Present: Roberta Weil (Chair), Rob Williams, Walter Norton, John Flocher, and Lee Overall. Also in attendance was Selectman Jim Knight.

Minutes of the prior meeting were accepted and approved.

Status of the Generators: The generators have been determined to be unusable as they were never licensed by the State and cannot meet the new air emission standards. ~S AA s will work to obtain bids to sell them as scrap.

Status of the Water Tower: The water tower is a potential nuisance. Frank Hilton of the Fire Dept. informed Mrs. Weil that the cost of keeping the tank maintained, heated and in working order would be prohibitive. Mrs. Weil has requested that a letter from the Fire Dept., stating that they have no desire to use the tower, be sent to the Selectmen. Jim Knight will get bids on the tank "as is" or as scrap. The tower is now in a separate locked, fenced area. The Committee recommends, for additional safety, that "No Trespassing" signs be posted and that the ladder be blocked off to discourage climbing.

Discussion of Budget: There was a discussion of the budget items to be proposed for 2003.

Reserve Account (Hold Over Account) $8,236

One -Time Expenses

John Flocher, Jim Knight, and Emery Sawyer will survey the remaining masonry and roofing repair work and estimate the cost.

Signs: $400 An amount of $400. will be requested for more permanent (and more visible) signs, particularly for dog regulations, "No Trespassing" for the water tower, and "Pass At Your Own Risk" for the pier. "No Hunting" signs will be purchased for the exterior of the perimeter fence.

Annual Expenses

Electricity $1,780

Portable Toilet $880

Tables: $210 Tim Vail has donated enough wood for 3 tables. One is completed and two others should be done before the end of the year. Two additional tables are to be built, making a total of 5. The Boy Scouts have volunteered to stain them.

Mowing $1,500

Mrs. Weil will complete the budget and submit it to the Budget Committee.

Status of the Fuel Depot Projects:

Mowing: Approximately one third of the property was mowed at no charge by Morton Morgan. The committee suggested that a contract for this work be drawn up for next year.

Brickwork and Roofing: Emery Sawyer has completed the work on the guard house roof. There is a lot of work remaining. Jim Knight, John Flocher and Emery Sawyer will report.

Paths and

Cleanup: Don Miskill and several volunteers have installed six mileage posts and cleared some trails. Dog owners are still not cleaning up after their dogs. Mrs. Weil will look into a dog waste disposal system.

Status of the Pipeline: The committee would like to draft an article to accept the pipeline for Town Meeting. We will get a VRAP, which protects the town from any environmental liability, only after we accept the pipeline. Mrs. Weil and Jim Knight will follow up.

Status of the Houses: The two houses are still in review by the U. S. Navy Remediation Group. We need to think about their future. The Navy will no longer provide mowing or snow plowing. The Committee may suggest razing the small building and look into restoring the larger building.

Other Matters: Jim Knight will find out the approval status of the Volunteer Liability Release Form submitted to the Selectmen.

We will need to address repairing the growing cracks in the roadways and removal of the rocks in field.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM Respectfully submitted, Lee Overall

November 4, 2002

Town of Harpswell
Minutes of the Meeting of the
Fuel Depot Committee
November 4, 2002

The meeting of the Fuel Depot Committee convened at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 4, 2002 in the Town Office Building.

Members present: Roberta Weil, Nancy Andersen, Lee Overall, Walter Norton, Rob Williams and John L/oyd.

A motion was made to accept the Minutes of the Meeting of October 7, 2002. It was seconded and voted unanimously to accept the Minutes as amended.

Roberta Weil reported that a letter had been sent to the Fire Department requesting an official statement from them that they do NOT want the Water Tower.

Review of the Budget request for the Fuel Depot, suggested that $12,000 be removed from the "masonry" line and be Oy1 -ot-o the "Repair and Maintenance" line. As it is already in the "Repair and Maintenance" line.

It was recommended that a formal request should be made to the Harpswell Channel to publicize that there is to be "no hunting" on the Fuel Depot property and that walkers should wear orange.

The status of the two(2) houses is still in a holding pattern waiting for word from Stephanie Zamorski from the Department of the Navy.

Concerns about the future of the pipeline and whether or not the Town should take it were voiced. John Lloyd believes we have to take it. It would be a greater risk not to take it. Conditions could be set.

A discussion of the pipeline produced the following results:

1. Recommend to the Selectmen to turn the property over to the present or abutting landowners and 2. Send a letter to the property owners ASAP to notify them of potential issues with the pipeline and of the legal requirement to notify Dig Safe should they need to dig.

Nancy S. Andersen

December 2, 2002

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee, December 2nd, 2002

Chairman Weil brought the meeting to order at 1915. Committee present were: Roberta Well, Robert Williams, John Floccher, Nancy Anderson, Shirley Thompson, John Loyd, Wallace Tobin, and Lee Overall. Mr. . Frank Hilton was present to propose use by the West Harpswell Fire Department of the two houses near the main gate to the property. Selectman David Mercier joined at 1925.

Minutes of the November 4th meeting were approved as distributed.

Mr. Hilton suggested the desirability of allowing the WHFD to use the two houses on a basis to be resolved for the purpose of providing subsidized housing for EMT's associated with the Fire Department. He said it is difficult to recruit qualified EMT's, and this arrangement would be an incentive which has proved successful elsewhere (York Beach was cited as an example). On another matter he confirmed that the WHFD does not want the water tower, and stated that WHFD could bring it down and dispose of it. Mr. Hilton left at 1935.

After considerable discussion the committee consensus was that while this was an idea worth pursuing, we should recommend to the selectmen that they solicit other ideas for the use of the houses to ensure that we recommend the best alternative.

Mr. Loyd reported that his committee on Group Use of the site would meet soon, and would propose language for the selectmen to incorporate in the warrant for the Town Meeting.

The committee consensus concerning snowplowing was to recommend to the selectmen to limit plowing to the parking lot.

Mr. Miskill had suggested a new trail in the property, but in his absence it was decided to table the concept until he could be present to discuss it.

After the meeting Mrs. Weil reported that the Budget Advisory Committee would consider the recommendations of the Fuel Depot Committee December 11, and that she would gather information on the cost of removal of the water tower prior to that date. The meeting adjourned at 2023 after fixing the date for the NEXT MEETING ON JANUARY 13, 2003.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace Tobin

January 13, 2003

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee,.

Chairman Weil brought the meeting to order at 1910. Committee present were: Roberta Weil, Nancy Andersen, Lee Overall, and Wallace Tobin. Others present were Gordon Weil and Selectman James McKnight.

The draft minutes of the meeting of December 2nd, 2002 were approved as distributed.

Mrs. Weil distributed copies of a letter from Frank Hilton, President, Harpswell Neck Fire and Rescue, Inc. A summary follows;

HNFR has no interest in owning or disposing of the water tower

HNFR makes no proposal at this time re two houses expected to be deeded to the town by the

Navy, but is willing to explore a grant of the properties.

HNFR may in future wish the town to relocate the water tower fence to avoid encroachment on HNFR property.

Gordon Weil reported on his investigations concerning the two large generators on the property:

They may be more than 60 years old; they are operable, but have not been operated for 10 years; they do not meet current EPA standards for air emissions in excess of 500 hours per year, and upgrading them to current emission standards would not be economically feasible.

He recommends disposing of them as scrap metal.

He suggested that the town explore the possibility of installing contemporary generating capacity of about 2 megawatts on the site, indicating that capacity and energy could be sold to the New England Power Grid, with guaranteed capacity payments sufficient to fund the installation even if the facility were not called upon to produce energy. Any energy sales would produce extra revenue.

The committee indicated an interest in further details of the proposal, which Mr. Weil said would be available in several weeks.

Mr. Weil left at 1945, and a discussion of power and telecommunications options followed. The water tower might make a good site for telecommunications antennae, but such use would require a modification of the current tower ordinance which limits such use to the town land in the vicinity of the Town Offices.

Mr. Knight intends to obtain information on getting a survey of the water tower to determine its condition and viability as a water storage facility, and also on the options for preventing freezing in winter.

The committee is invited to a public hearing on the possible acceptance by the Town of the easement(s) for the Navy pipeline, at Harpswell School at 1900 January 27.

Discussions of rules for group use of the Fuel Depot, and of implementing additional trails, were postponed as the pertinent sub-committee members were not present.

After setting the NEXT MEETING FOR 1900, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD, the meeting adjourned

at 2045.

Respectfully submitted,

May 5, 2003

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee, May 5, 2003.

The meeting came to order at 1905. Committee present were: Roberta Weil, Robert Williams, John Floccher, Nancy Andersen, Shirley Thompson, Donald Miskill, Wallace Tobin, and Lee Overall. Selectman James Knight and Recreation Director Elizabeth Bouvet were also present.

Mr. Knight reminded those who have not done so of the need to be sworn in before the town clerk. Election of a chairman was deferred until all had been sworn in. Mr. Tobin and Ms Andersen agreed to serve as secretaries on a mutually convenient rotating basis.

Minutes of the meeting of March 3rd were approved as distributed after correcting the spelling of Ms Andersen's name.

Mr. Knight reported on the pier and water tower as follows:

A bid is in hand for $4400 to fence the pier to prevent unauthorized access beyond the low water mark.

Appropriate "No trespassing" signage will be placed on the pier

The former intake for the salt water fire control system, considered by insurance agencies to be a "well", has been filled with sand.

Use of the water tower to support communications antennae will, in the opinion of town counsel, require modification of the town tower ordinance. Ms Weil reported a conversation in which she learned that wireless phone companies may have the right of eminent domain to install their antennae on water towers. Mr. Knight expressed doubt about this report.

Spring preparations:

Arrangements will be made to provide a handicap portable toilet at the site May 15-September 15

Scout troops are expected to participate in a general clean-up, including a stone pick-up facilitated by the loan of Mr. Floccher's truck, and painting the existing picnic tables. Status of additional tables is unknown.

They will also help in pulling tree limbs which Mr. Miskill has pruned back away from the trails.

Mr. Knight reported that a bid for grounds maintenance and selected mowing exceeded funds available, and could not be accepted.

A sign-in sheet with space for comment will be placed at the gate with a request that users sign in so we can develop some specific information about usage.

Ms Weil reported that the GZA company would provide the town with a copy of their final report on the environmental clean-up conducted by the Navy, and on-going ground-water reports.

Mr. Knight reported that there has been no response from the Navy concerning the town's vote to accept the pipeline, and agreed to contact the Navy representative with whom we have been working to determine the status.

There was consensus that we should be working toward resolution of the following matters for recommendation to the selectmen this year:

Policy for Group Use

Policy for use of the residential houses

Policy for use by campers

Policy for the general plan of designating areas for recreation, business, and conservation

June 2, 2003

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee, June 3, 2003.

The meeting came to order at 1905. Committee present were:, John Floccher, Donald Miskill, Walter Norton, Lee Overall, Shirley Thompson, Wallace Tobin, Roberta Weil and. Robert Williams. Selectman James Knight was also present.

The minutes of the May 5th meeting were approved after revising the consensus caption to read "... for recommendation to the selectmen and Town Meeting this year".

Roberta Weil was elected chairman and Nancy Andersen and Wallace Tobin joint secretaries.

The full committee will work on developing recommendations for the General Plan, and for sources of revenue.

Sub-committees were formed as follows for developing policy recommendations on other matters:

Group use: Floccher, Loyd, Miskill, Williams

Camping: Overall, Thompson

Residential Buildings: Norton, Thompson, Tobin

A device for dispensing bags for pet-droppings will be installed at the site.

No town funds are budgeted for mowing; Jeff Hathaway and others have volunteered to assist. The Committee recommends reimbursing their fuel expenses for mowing the town-owned land, and intends to request the Navy to mow its property until the residential buildings have been deeded to the town, which is expected to occur in September/October 2003.

Word-of-mouth communication will be used to identify an entity to remove the lumber in the vicinity of the former administration building with salvage rights to the lumber in lieu of monetary compensation. Mr. Knight reported three bids are in hand for limiting access to the pier, one will be chosen by

selectmen June 5th. No progress on the legal issues concerning the water tower. Ladder on the tower will be cut off to discourage unauthorized access. Still looking for an insurer for the site.

Spring clean-up will begin @ 1100 Saturday, June 14th. Scout troops will assist with rock pick-up and table painting. The public is invited to help, and the committee is requested to be present.

Mrs. Weil reported that the GZA final report is in the town files, that GZA did semi-annual monitoring last week, that the installation of new generators is not economically feasible at this time, and that the portable toilet is in place.

Mr. Knight asked the committee to recommend a plan for expanded parking facilities for approval by the town meeting.

Mr. Knight will cause a certified pipeline vote to be sent to Stephanie Zamorski to expedite the transfer of the pipeline easement to the town.

After setting the NEXT MEETING FOR TUESDAY, JULY 1 ST, AT 1900 at the Town Office, the meeting adjourned at 2030.

Respectfully submitted,

Wallace Tobin

July 1, 2003

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee, July 1, 2003

The meeting came to order at 1905. Committee present were: Nancy Andersen, John Floccher, John Loyd, Walter Norton, Lee Overall, Shirley Thompson, Wallace Tobin, and Roberta Weil. Selectman James Knight was also present, as were Karen O'Connell, Bernice Kenny, and Richard Neiman from the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

The minutes of the June 3rd meeting were approved.

A general discussion or the objectives of the two committees followed. There appeared to be general congruence. More parking is needed, commercial use should neither compete with existing businesses nor have any adverse environmental impact, recreational use is desirable, as is access to water and open space, no portion will be sold, and no funds will be accepted which oblige Harpswell to make the facility available to non-residents.

Mr. Rick Meisenbach, of the Recreation Committee, joined at 1915. The Comprehensive Plan members left at 1955.

Mr. Knight reported that a new insurer has been identified for the town with a premium reduction of $20,000, broader coverage, and no requirement to fence the pier. He has asked the fire department to demonstrate their ownership of the property they claim by means of a current survey, and to file all documentation with the town office for review by the selectmen. Mrs. Weil asked that the lower end of the water tower ladder be removed, even if not required by the insurer.

An inconclusive discussion concerning removal of brush followed. Mort Morgan will hay the property at no cost to the Town.

After discussion it was agreed that the Recreation Committee should make a detailed recommendation concerning possible soccer and skating facilities.

After their recent site visit it was agreed to invite the Marine Resource and Shellfish committees to send representatives to our next meeting.

After fixing the NEXT MEETING FOR 1900 SEPTEMBER 8, AND RESERVING SEPTEMBER 18 FOR A SPECIAL MEEETING, the committee adjourned at 2055.

Respectfully Submitted, Wallace Tobin

October 6, 2003

Draft Minutes, Harpswell Fuel Depot Implementation Committee, October 6, 2003

The meeting came to order at 1905. Committee present were: Nancy Andersen, John Floccher, Donald Miskill, Walter Norton, Lee Overall, Shirley Thompson, Wallace Tobin, and Roberta Weil. Selectman James Knight was also present, as were two members of the public, and Elizabeth Bouve, recreation director.

The minutes of the July 1, 2003 meeting were approved.

Mr Knight reported that the status of the pipeline and the residential buildings intended to be transferred to Harpswell is unresolved..

Mrs Weil reported that she has been unable to determine the status of the alleged federal law allowing cell phone companies to append antennae to water towers arbitrarily, with no fees payable. Several members expressed concern over the deterioration of the pier and the buildings near it, and requested that their removal, or correction in the case of the pier, be costed out for further consideration. Don Miskill and Liz Bouve will bring to the next meeting their recommendations for recreation facilities to be recommended for next year's budget.

Mrs Weil will thank Mort Morgan for mowing the property.

Parking was again discussed, and it was suggested that if the water tower is removed there will be good space available near the entrance to the property.

Ms Bouvé suggested the desirability of opening gates to allow less mobile persons to tour the property by car October 18th & 19th , 1300-1500. A consensus supported this suggestion, but it may need endorsement of the selectmen, or the town meeting, to be approved.

Prior committee assignments as outlined in the minutes of June 3rd were re-affirmed.

The agenda was completed at 2015.

After responding informally to questions from the members of the public, and fixing the NEXT

MEETING FOR 1900 MONDAY NOVEMBER 3RD, the meeting adjourned at 2050, Respectfully submitted,

Wallace Tobin