Lobster/Shellfish Impact Mitigation Fund
Handout given at public hearing 10/16


Lobster/Shellfish Impact Mitigation Fund


            1. Compensation for gear and other losses from ship passage, unloading and construction

            2. Independent decision-making on claims

            3. Prompt compensation

            4. Compensation to fishermen, harvesters in designated Harpswell waters (see below)

            5. Efficient use of Town revenues

            6. Discouragement of fraudulent claims


Joint Town-Venture with Venture or its independent designee responsible for claims  decisions


            1. Claims submitted to Town as official document.

2. Claims relayed by Town to Venture or its designee (not the Town) in 5 business days or less with any comment Town wishes to submit.

3. Venture or its designee decides on claims within fixed period and makes appropriate payment of claims.

4. Venture annually submits report on claims paid and is reimbursed by Town up to a total of $1 million.

5. Town publishes annual report, listing claims.


To fishermen/ harvesters

                  - Claims settled by entity independent of the Town

                  - Claims settled on fixed schedule; no delay by Town

- Claims paid to fishermen/harvesters working in designated Harpswell waters regardless of where catch is landed or residence

- Fraud reduced by use of official government filing

To Town

- Opportunity to provide local information to Venture

- Opportunity to retain funds not needed to meet claims if total annual claims paid are less than $1 million

- Fraud reduction

To Venture

- Exercises responsibility for claims caused by its/related operations

- Receives cost compensation for expected, reasonable claims costs

- Receives information from Town to be used as it or its designee sees fit

- Receives fraud protection from Town

Harpswell waters = Waters within the boundaries of the Town of Harpswell, as established by law, plus waters in Broad Sound above Bell “BS” including Cumberland waters


                                                                                                October 15, 2003